The Inspiration Behind Nineties Loop

Creating Nineties Loop is sparked by my quest to bring additive manufacturing and the love for physical collectables together. This led to the creation of the wall display products which are used for enjoying and showcasing my collectables.

I've always been a collector at heart, and my love for collecting is deeply rooted in the nostalgia and magic of the '90s. As a child of that era, I was captivated by the vibrant colors, iconic characters, and the thrill of hunting down unique treasures.

One day, while designing a tiny shelf to display my collected figurines on my walls, the vision for Nineties Loop began to take shape. Nineties Loop isn't just about offering display solutions; it is about sharing these products to allow others the joy of showcasing their collected treasures and connecting with the excitement you had when finding those treasures. 


With this vision in mind, Nineties Loop was born. Where each display shelf is an invitation to display your most prized items and experience the joy of collecting.